County Commission Motions

This addendum is not a part of the official minutes kept by the County Clerk.

2023 Motions

Date of MeetingMotionMaker of MotionSecondRefer to a CommitteePassedFailedCompleteNotes/Comments
2-21-23To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.MayesMcKameyX
2-21-23To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.YagerFosterX
2-21-23No motion on Resolution No. 23-01-1073 rezonin the property at 122 Mountain Side Lane, Rocky Top.
2-21-23To rescind the previous motion that was approved in November 2022.McKameyBeauchampX
2-21-23To approve the Planning Commiossion's recommendation to approve the Resolution No. 23-2-1075 amending the zoning resolution to include the property at the intersection of the East end of Marlow Circle and Oliver Springs Hwy., Clinton.McKameyWhiteX
2-21-23To schedule a public hearing to discuss the library book selections.AllenIsbelX
2-21-23For question on the motion to stop the debate.McKameyVowellX
2-21-23To approve the Multi-Facto Authentication Policy.MayesYagerX
2-21-23To approve to allow funds to be put in as assigned code for future use for vehicle purchases fo rthe Sheriff's Department.MayesYagerX
2-21-23To authorize Judge Spitzer and Ms. Gadd to apply for both grants they are seeking and to commit up to a match of 25% of the smaller grant.MayesSmallridgeX
2-21-23To authorize the Mayor to execute the annual Payment-In-Lieu-Taxes agreement with the U. S. Department of Energy.YagerSmallridgeX
2-21-23To approve Resolution No.23-2-1076 Supporting a Large-Scale, Outdoor-Themed Tourist Resort in Anderson County.McKAmeyVowellX
2-21-23To authorize the Mayor to accept the grant award from Energy Communities Alliance, excute the contract and establish the budget with dedicated ECA grant cost center according to the grant terms.YagerAllenX
2-21-23To approve Resolution No. 23-02-1078 to apply fpr federal assistance for the USDA for the purpose of building a new animal shelter.McKameySmallridgeX
2-21-23To authorize the county mayor's execution and submission of the Anderson County participation package to include the necessary administrative documents for the following settlements: Teve, Allergan, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart; and three proposed amendments to the State Subdivision Agreement extending the agreement to these new settlements; deleting a sentence regarding redirecting funds; and extending the agreement to the Endo bankruptcy forms.VandagriffIsbelX
2-21-23To give authority to mediate the malpractice cases, authority for the Chairman to sign the mediation order and the Chairman be willing to be the representative.McKameyVerranX
2-21-23To authorize the mayor to sign for marker placement form at the Poor Farm.AllenMayesX
2-21-23For the Mayor and/or the Director present the proposed 2023/2024 budget to the Animal Care Advisory Committee so they can make recommendations.McKameyVerranX
2-21-23To place American Nuclear update on the next agenda.YagerBeauchampX
1-17-23To approve the Consent Agenda as amended.McKameyMayesX
1-17-23To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.BeauchampAllenX
1-17-23Motion to approve Resolution No. 23-1-1072 Amending the Zoning Resolution by rezoning property located at 3433 Lake City Hwy., Rocky Top, from A-2 (Rural-Residential District) to I-2 (Heavy Industrial District).VowellMayesX
1-17-23To defer Resolution No. 23-1-1073 Rezoning the property at 122 Mountain Side Lane, Rocky Top, for 30 days.DenenbergIsbelX
1-17-23To approve to finalize the sale of the land at 135 Iroquois Lane, Clinton, TN.SmallridgeAllenX
1-17-23To defer Resolution No.23-01-1074 Opposing Construction of a Salt Bin in Rocky Top, for 30 days.AllenSmallridgeX
1-17-23TO approve Resolution No. 23-01-1074 Opposing the Relocation and Construction of the Proposed TDOT Storage Facility on Cobb Hollow Road in Rocky Top.IsbelVowellX
1-17-23To approve the Animal Care Advisory Board minutes as presented.WandellMayesX
1-17-23To approve to appoint Archie Burress as a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals with a term ending 9/2027.YagerMcKameyX
1-17-23To send all Committee meeting agendas to all Commissioners.SmallridgeMcKameyX
1-17-23To move the Operations Report up on the agenda to after Purchasing and Budget.McKameyIsbelX
1-17-23To defer moving the Operations Committee Report until the Rules Committee meeting.FosterNoneX

2022 Motions

Date of MeetingMotionMaker of MotionSecondRefer to a CommitteePassedFailedCompleteNotes/Comments
12-19-22To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.McKameyAllenX
12-19-22To approve the Regular Agenda as presented.YagerVowellX
12-19-22To approve the Planning Commission's recommendation to approve Resolution No. 22-12-968 Amending the "Zoning Resolution of Anderson County" by rezoning Parcel 129.00; Anderson County Tax Map 097 from A-2 (Rural-Residential District) to C-1 (General-Commercial District).McKameyMayes X
12-19-22To approve the Sale of the Tourism building.IsbelYager X
12-19-22To defer the sale of the building until the contract is taken up.FosterMcKamey X
12-19-22To approve the Contract with the Chamber as presented by the counsel.McKameySmallridge X
12-19-22To approve to surplus a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria to donate to the City of Norris.SmallridgeMayesX
12-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-12-974 Authorizing the County Mayor to apply for Fiscal Year 2023 Community Development Block Grant Addressing Food Insecurity.YagerBeauchampX
12-19-22To approve the reappointment of John Stair to the Powell Clinch Utility District term expiring 12/31/2026, and to enter the Order Appointing Commissioner into the minutes.BeauchampIsbelX
12-19-22To approve the appointment of Ernie Bowles to the Anderson County Economic Development Association to fill position of retiring member Cathy Brown, term expiring 9/2026AllenFosterX
12-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-12-973 authorizing Anderson County to retain ownership in real property at 303 Hill Street, Rocky Top, TN Map 008M; Group: F; Control Map: 008M; Parcel: 014.00 to use for public purpose.YagerBeauchampX
12-19-22To approve the Lease Agreement with Highland Communications.MayesVandagriffX
12-19-22To approve the 2023 meeting schedule contingent on the March meeting being on the 20th.MayesFosterX
11-21-22To authorize the Sheriff or the Mayor sign a letter to get the process started to apply for grants requested by General Clark.WhiteVandagriffX
11-21-22To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.YagerVowellX
11-21-22To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.AllenFosterX
11-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-11-965 Amending the "Zoning Resolution of Anderson County" by rezoning Parcel 14.03; Anderson County Tax Map 087 from A-2 (Rural Residential-Residential District) to C-1 (General-Commercial District)YagerMayesX
11-21-22To Deny Resolution NO. 22-11-966 Amending the "Zoning Resolution of Anderson County" by rezoning Parcel 04.06; Anderson County Tax Map 003 from A-2 (Rural-Residential District to A-1 (Agriculture-Forestry District).AllenVerranX
11-21-22To aprove the Compensation Plan Updates.YagerSmallridgeX
11-21-22To defer the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Tourism building until December 19th meeting.MayesBeauchampX
11-21-22To approve to donate food trays from the Detention Center to Scott County.YagerMayesX
11-21-22To approve the IT/Multi Factor Plan.MayesAllenX
11-21-22To approve commitment of a delinquent tax property being held by Anderson County (303 Hill Street, Rocky Top) for use in the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund-American Rescue Plan (TEBF-ARP) Broadband Infrastructure Grant by Highland Communications and Anderson County. Pending legal opinion/determination, commitment will either occur as a transfer, or long-term lease.MayesYagerX
11-21-22To authorize the county mayor to enter into negotiations with Highland Communications regard reduction in Anderson County ARP matching funds in lieu of property commitment for above BroadBand package.IsbelSmallridgeX
11-21-22To approve the appointment of Anthony Allen to the Regional Solid Waste Board term ending 9/2026.WandellSmallridgeX
11-21-22To authorize the county mayor to submit application for Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) Government Education and Outreach Grant on behalf of Anderson County, for benefit of outreach for Anderson County, and Oak Ridge Reservation Communities Alliance (ORRCA) and its membership.WandellIsbelX
11-21-22To approve the Intergovernmental Agreement Firefighter Training Tower Agreement.IsbelSmallridgeX
11-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-11-970 Authorizing the Donation of a Surplus Anderson County Sheriff's Vehicle to the City of Norris.FosterAllenX
11-21-22For authorization to produce and broadcast educational material on TCAT.IsbelAllenX
11-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-11-971 Respectfully Requesting the Tennessee General Assembly to Amend Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A. §§ 7-51-201 ET SEQ>) and all Other Relevant Statutes to Include Publuc Safety Dispatchers for Line-of-Duty Death Compensation Benefits.WandellIsbelX
11-21-22To approve the Anderson County Tennessee Brand Guide Official Logo.WandellYagerX
11-21-22To accept the Animal Care Advisory report as presented.AllenMayesX
11-21-22To approve the appointment of Robert S. Matthews and Marc A. Brooks as members of the Veterans Advisory Board and Commissioner Verran as a volunteer.WandellAllenX
11-21-22To approve Resolution No. 2022-11-972 To Authorize the Anderson County Sheriff's Office to Commence the Required Process for the Dentention Facility to Become and Accresited Correctional Facility Under Tennessee Corrections Institute Rule 1400-05-04, Entitled Tier 1 Optional Standards, and Establish the County Corrections Partnership Committee.VowellMayesX
11-21-22To send the resolution requesting nonpartisan elections back to the State and at least get a response from them.WandellSmallridgeX
10-17-22To approve Resolution No. 22-10-960 Amending the Zoning Resolution of Anderson County by Requiring Site Plans Drawn by a Professional.IsbelYagerX
10-17-22To approve the Anderson County Government Retiree Benefit language clarafication and addition of benefit.SmallridgeAllenX
10-17-22Approving to put together a working committee with the members being the Commissioners of that district, the Chairman of the Solid Waste Board and the Solid Waste Director to come up with a plan on how to divide the remaining acreage at the Glen Alpine Property into two parcels and bring back to Operations Committee to get some feedback from the full committee.IsbelFosterX
10-17-22To approve Resolution No. 22-10-962 in Support of the First Responders Act.McKameySmallridgeX
10-17-22To approve Resolution No. 22-10-967 to Authorize Mayor Apply for Anderson County's State Designated American Rescue Plan Funds to be Used for Water and Wastewater System Improvements.FosterIsbelX
10-17-22To respectfully request the Mayor to evaluate and seek information on the TCAT Advisory Committee.WandellIsbelX
10-17-22To allow the Law Director to request attorney fees and sanctions on the lawsuit regarding voting machines filed in Anderson County Circuit Court C2LA0108.IsbelBeauchampX
10-17-22To approve Resolution No. 22-10-961 To Apply for Federal Assistance from the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development for the Purpose of Building a New Anderson County Animal Shelter.WandellYagerX
10-17-22In support of sending the website items from the Sub-Committee to the Mayor for review and implementation if she so chooses.WandellMayesX
10-17-22For the Law Director's Office to present the Plot Map and the architect's drawing for the property where the old Poor Farm used to be along with the Plot Map of the proposed site for the City of Clinton and the drawing schematic from the Brady Corporation.WandellMayesX
9-19-22To approve the Nominating Committee as a group as presented.MayesWhiteX
9-19-22To approve removing Commissioner Yager from the IT Committee and placing Commissioner Allen on the Committee.IsbelVandagriffX
9-19-22To dissolve the Jail Committee and the Communications Committee.McKameyIsbelX
9-19-22To approve the reappointment of the following members to the Industrial Development Board: Hugh Evans term exp. 11/28, Ernest M. Bowles term exp. 11/28, Steve R. Queener term exp. 11/28.McKameyIsbelX
9-19-22To approve the Following reappointments to the Health & Educational Facilities Board: Charles E. Price term exp. 11/28, John E. Stair term exp. 11/28, William T. Gallaher term exp. 11/28.MayesFosterX
9-19-22To approve the appointments of the following Judicial Commissioners with terms expiring August 30, 2026: Rex Lynch, Angela Perez, Amanda Vowell and Shalee Prickett.VowellSmallridgeX
9-19-22To move the ARP Funding for non-profits to the Non-Profit Committee.SmallridgeMcKameyNon-Profit CommitteeX
9-19-22To approve to appropriate $2,510.00 in funds to pay for the placement of a historical marker at the Poor Farm.FosterMcKameyX
9-19-22To approve appointments/reappointments to the following Commissions/Boards: Ned Ferguson to the Anderson County Regional Planning Commission - term exp.9/2026, Stephanie Hill, Genealogist, to the Public Records Commission - term exp. 9/2026, Ernie Bowles to the Anderson County Water Authority - term exp. 9/2026, Russell Barker to the Emergency Communications District (E911) Board to fill vacancy of Robert Sexton - term exp. 1/2025. Reappointments to the Anderson County Economic Development Association: Ashley K. Sexton, Tim Isbel, Cathy Brown, Zach Farrar, John K. Alley, Jr., Leonard Abbatiello, Michael Swisher and William "Bear" Stephenson.McKameyFosterX
9-19-22To add the American Nuclear Workshop letter presented by the Mayor to the minutes.WandellMayesX
9-19-22To approve and to ratify the Mayor and the Law Director signing the Conflict Waivers for the Gail Harness and Amy Ogle cases.McKameyDenenbergX
9-19-22To approve the Intergovernmental Agreement Firefighter Training Facility Agreement.IsbelMcKameyX
9-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-09-955 to allow a limited deer hunt on the Blockhouse Valley Former Landfill Site.MayesDenenbergX
9-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-09-959 Requesting TDOT to reconsider it's denial of an additional entrance to the newly proposed addition to Brookstone Ridge Subdivision off U.S. Highway 441 (Norris Freeway).McKameyFosterX
9-19-22To approve the Quitclaim Deeds for the purchase of property from Windrock Land Company in the amount of $20.00 for the construction of a new replacement bridge on Beech Grove Lane.VowellIsbelX
9-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-09-954 To Allocate a Portion of Anderson County's State Designated American Rescue Funds to the Cities of Clinton, Norris, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs and Rocky Top to be used for water and wastewater system improvements as allowed by the TDEC ARP Grant Guidelines.IsbelMcKameyX
9-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-09-953 Supporting Operation Green Light for Veterans and designating Anderson County, Tennessee as an Operation Green Light County.IsbelMayesX
9-19-22To approve the Anderson County 2023 Holiday Schedule.McKameyDenenbergX
9-19-22To approve Resolution No. 22-09-952 to amend the consolidated fee schedule to include a pull fee for verified 501(c)(3) rescue organizations.McKameyMayesX
9-19-22To approve to form a Sub-Committee with one member of the Advisory Committee chair the Committee under media relations to handle a point of contact for advisory links and rescues to recommend to the Animal Shelter and form a master list to submit to the Mayor before the 45 day evaluation period.WandellDenenbergX
9-19-22For disclosure of all financials, budget and any special funding that was set aside for animal care and control.WandellDenenbergX
9-19-22To support the Mayor with all avenues of use of ARP money & finances for the progression of benefitting the shelter in any manner possible.WandellMayesX
8-18-22To accept the resignation of Steve Emert from the Charter Commission.WandellScottX
8-18-22To accept the following three applicants as nominees to fill the Charter Commission vacancy: Shelly Vandagriff - 9 votes, Barbara J McNeely-Foust - 5 votes, Dusty Irwin - 1 vote. Shelly Vandagriff is elected to fill the vacancy.McKameyX
8-18-22To approve to allocate from ARP Funds $2,252,835.64 to the Highway Department to be used for paving roads.McKameyScottX
8-18-22To approve Resolution No. 22-8-949 for a proposal issuance of Bonds by the Health & Educational Facilities Board to Finance the Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Norris Gardens at no obligation on the County's part and allow the Commissioner and the Mayor to sign.MeadMcKameyX
8-18-22To approve the EMS Medical Director Contract.MeadSmallridgeX
8-18-22To submit a list of trucks traveling on Brushy Valley Road to enter into the minutes and make available to County Commission and Mr. Yeager to evaluate whether or not they're allowed to use these roads.WandellDenenbergX
8-18-22To approve the ESL continuation.MeadWandellX
8-18-22To approve the Anderson County Tourism Emergency Action Plan.WandellMcKameyX
8-18-22To approve the request for the Law Director to assist the Briceville Fire Department.WandellMeadX
8-18-22To have a community meeting on Tuesday, August 30th at 6:00 P.M. at the Optimist Club Claxton Community Center.WandellMcKameyX
8-18-22To have the Mayor, Law Director, Gary Long, Road Superintendent, and the Chairman meet to discuss different options and ideas to obtain funding to repair the recent storm damage and get our County back to safe.WandellIsbelX
8-18-22To forward any recommendation to the mayor for her to dispose of.McKameyWandellX
8-18-22To go into Executive Session.McKameySmallridgeX
7-18-22To approve Resolution No. 22-07-933 rezoning the property at 116 Lewallen Hollow Lane, Clinton, TN Parcel 016.00 Tax Map065E Group A from A-2 (Rural Residential District) to C-1 (General Commercial District).MeadYagerX
7-18-22To approve Resolution No. 2022-07-935 to create the Animal Care Advisory Committee.FrittsWandellX
7-18-22Setting a date for an operational meeting for the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee to be held August 2, 2022 in room 118A at 6:00 pm.WandellScottX
7-18-22To approve the Miller Legal Partners PLLC Retention Agreement for Legal Services.YagerFrittsX
7-18-22To forward to Budget Committee to see what we can do to help Anderson County High School and Norris Elementary School with free lunches.FrittsWhiteX
7-18-22That Anderson County fully supports the construction of Clinton High School Lady Dragons softball field and to forward to the City of Clinton, the School Board and anyone else involved.YagerScottX
7-18-22To approve the Anderson County and City of Norris Interlocal Agreement for Mountain Bike Stations.MeredithMcKameyX
7-18-22To approve Resolution No. 2022-07-934 To Authorize the Sheriff's Office to commence the Required Process for the Dentention Facility to Become and Accredited Correction Facility and Further Create the "Stepping Up Initiative" Designed to Reduce the Number of Inmates with Mental Illness Disorders By Instituting Evidence-Based Treatment Programs.McKameyYagerX
7-18-22To approve Resolution No. 2022-07-941 In Support of the Clinton High School Girls Softball Program and Respectfully Requesting All Parties to the Current Litigation to Resolve their Differences in a Respectful and Amicable Manner Focusing on the Best Interest of Our Community and the Lady Dragons Softball Team.WandellMeredithX
7-18-22To give the Law Director authority to institute lien foreclosure on 1604 Hidden Hills Drive (Davis).FrittsScottX
6-20-22To approve release of the 2020 property taxes and property assessor changes in the assessments for a total of $173,917.74.WandellMcKameyX
6-20-22To approve relieved of liability for the collection of delinquent taxes turned over to the Clerk & Master for a total of $563,897.00.McKameyWandellX
6-20-22To approve to surplus the Anderson County Welcome Center via auction by Professional Auctioneer with a minimum bid of $600,000.MeredithYagerXVoting No: Wandell, Vowell, White and Scott
6-20-22To approve Teacher's Discovery five (5) year license ageement for online Spanish Curriculum.MeredithYagerX
6-20-22To approve the budget as presented.FrittsMeredithX
6-20-22To approve Resolution No. 22-06-931 Fixing the Tax Levy for Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2022FrittsYagerX
6-20-22Motion amended to include all part-time employees.McKameyIsbelX
6-20-22To approve the budget as amended.FrittsMeredithX
6-20-22To approve Resolution No. 22-06-932 Making Appropriations for the Various Funds, Departments, Institutions, Offices and Agencies for the Year beginningJuly 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2023.FrittsWandellX
6-20-22To modify the Anderson County Tennessee Comprehensive Travel Regulations section 17D to include a side note stating this section to be updated/revised each budget period or when the Federal Guidelines are altered. Also Section 19 to read a meal and incidentals allowance be provided for travel per the US Feneral Service Administration (GSA) found online at XVoting No: Vowell, Isbel, McKamey, Mead and Yager
6-20-22For the HR Director and the Budgets and Accounts Director meet, review and suggest any modifications to bring us up to standards and take to the Finance Committee then approve by the Board Director before coming back to CommissionScottMcKameyX
6-20-22To encourage the State to continue the level of funding for SRO's al;so increase funding for mental health counselors for all schools to partner with the SRO's.MeadIsbelXVoting No: Vowell, Isbel, McKamey, Mead and Yager
6-20-22To approve the Mayor's letter tp the EPA Director.MeadIsbelX
6-20-22To approve the appointment of Terry Allen to the 911 Board term ending 1/23 and the appointment of Harold Evans to the Solid Waste Board term expiring 9/25.VowellMeadX
6-20-22To authorize the County Mayor to work on obtaining Professional Engineering Stamped plans, as well as additional information needed by TDOT for the Veterans Flag Project.McKameyWandellX
6-20-22To approve the Memorandum Of Understanding between Anderson County EMA and the Windrock Land Company.MeredithMcKameyX
6-20-22To approve the Industrial Development Board's request to amend the threshold for TIF policies and procedures from $3,000,000 to $500,000.MeredithJamesonXVoting No: Fritts, Wandell, Anderson, Vowell, Isbel, Mead., Yager and Smallridge
6-20-22To go into executive session after the Nominating Committee Report.ScottIsbelXVoting No: Fritts, Wandell, Meredith, Anderson, McKamey and White.
6-20-22To give the Law Director authority to engage Co-Counsel in provision case.MeadSmallridgeXVoting No: Isbel
6-20-22For the Law Director to engage outside counsel for the Harber vs. Anderson County case.MeadFrittsX
6-20-22To allow the Law Director to contact Tennessee Risk Management Trust and ask them to assign another law firm to represent the County other than Taylor & Knight during the pendency of our 2 law cases. On existing cases Tennessee Risk Management Trust or Law Firm needs to get a conflict waiver from all defendants.MeadFrittsX
6-20-22To refer the IDB Tiff amendment back to the Industrial Development Board.MeredithMcKameyX
6-20-22To have the Law Director when he has time to get information on any contracts with PSI if available and make them available to this body.WandellScottX
6-20-22To approve nominating the following commissioners to the Anderson County Animal Shelter Advisory Committee, Denenberg, McKamey and Wandell.MeadScottX
6-20-22To approve the nomination of the following citizens, Joe Hall, Steven Newby, Lauren Biloski, Vaa Oberlin, Jeanne Parker and Marybeth Skeans.MeredithWhiteX
5-16-22To approve Resolution No. 22-05-925 rezoning the property at 2125 Lake City Hwy., Clinton, TN, Parcel 03.01, Tax Map 054 from A-2 (Rural-Residential District) to C-1 (General Commercial District).IsbelMcKameyX
5-16-22To approve Resolution No. 22-05-926 rezoning the property at 1101, 1106 & 1110 Cove Lane, Oliver Springs, TN Parcel 039.00, 052.00, 052.02, 052.03 & 052.04, Tax Map 084 from A-2 (Rural-Residential District) to A-1 (Agriculture-Forestry District).McKameyIsbelXVoting No: Wandell, Waddell, Vowell & Yager.
5-16-22To authorize the Mayor to hire a veterinary director to oversee operations at the animal shelter and to install cameras to help the director see what is going on. McKameyWandellX
5-16-226. To allow the Tourism Council based on the request of Stephanie Wells, Tourism Director and her Board to proceed with the Anerson County Chamber and ACEDA to explore entering an agreement for a new building at the location presented.YagerMcKameyXVoting No: Waddell & Vowell
5-16-22To consider a new committee through commission as Anderson County Advisory Committee for the Anderson County Animal Shelter to open up discussion to see how we could explore this process.WandellScottX
5-16-22To to move this request we just passed for the new Animal Shelter Advisory Committee to the Nominating Committee to take up as quickly as possible. He would like to see the members be 3 (three) Commissioners, 6 (six) residents along with the Mayor as ex-officio or however she would like that capacity to be and Officer Porter involved and have the Nominating Committee take applications.WandellScottX
5-16-22To go into executive Session at the end of the agenda.McKameyIsbelX
5-16-22To to approve the one-time stipend of $5,000.00 to each of the five Volunteer Fire Departments for their assistance with the Andersonville fires. Funding for $25,000.00 will come from Fund 101-39000 – Unassigned Fund Balance and a one-time funding of $7,500.00 to each Volunteer Fire Department to assist with the rising cost of fuel. Funding of $37,500.00 will come from Fund 101-39000 – Unassigned Fund Balance. MeredithMeadX
5-16-22To approve a request presented by Mayor Terry Frank for $115,628.00 to complete the kitchen at the Senior Center. Funding will come from American Rescue Plan Funds. McKameyMeadX
5-16-22To approve having a Special Called Commission meeting on June 23, 2022 at 6:00 pm in room 312 provided the FY 22/23 Budget does not pass at the regular Budget meeting on June 9, 2022.VowellDenenbergX
5-16-22To draft a letter to EPA Region 4 and TDEC to express our gratitude to the response and respectfully request to gain understanding on how American Nuclear can be cleaned up and that we stand ready to work with EPA and TDEC to make that happen.WandellIsbelX
5-16-22To approve the two contracts to Miller Legal Partners for the purpose of recovering legal losses to the County.MeadDenenbergX
4-18-22To approve the Sheriff's Department request to transfer miscellaneous communications equipment to E911.SmallridgeMeredithX
4-18-22To approve ETHRA Lease Agreement for office space in Emory Valley Center.McKameyJamesonX
4-18-22To approve the ARP retention payment for all County employees.McKameySmallridgeX
4-18-22To approve the following board and commission appointments to the Solid Waste Board: Scott Hackler term expiring 9/23, Thomas McCormick term expiring 9/23, reappointment of Robert McKamey expiring 9/26. To the Planning Commission : Robbie DeJarnette term expiring 1/26MeredithYagerX
4-18-22To approve the cover letter from Tennessee Department of Healthand link to report from Tennessee Department of Health regarding the evaluation of surface soil and mulch sampling results at Claxton Community Paark and Playground and to enter the full report into the minutes.DenenbergYagerX
4-18-22To approve Resolution No. 22-04-923 authorizing Anderson County to submit a 2022 Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) Grant Application and to provide supplemental funding in the amount of 10-percent of the project arward in support of this project.MeadWandellXSigned / in file in Clerk's OfficeLaw Director mailed to Rep. Ragan and Senator Randy McNally
4-18-22To approve Resolutioon No. 22-4-924 respectfully requesting Tennessee General Assembly repeal Private Ace of 1946 and 1959 relative to the Veterans Service Office.WandellIsbelXSigned/In file in Clerk's Office
4-18-22To allow the Law Director to proceed with lawsuit of ProVision in Michigan.McKameyMeadX
4-18-22To refer to the Road Committee the tractor trailer traffic and weight limit on bridges for information to include in a resolution.McKameyIsbelRefer to Road CommitteeX
4-18-22To approve to have a letter drafted to the EPA Administrator, Michael S. Reagan to address the need to have American Nuclear listed as a super fund site.WandellMeadX
4-18-22That a spreadsheet for motions made during the regular County Commission meetings be provided to all commissioners and citizens through the county website.WandellDenenbergX
4-18-22To move the one time stipend of $5,000.00 request for the Volunteer Fire Departments to the Budget Committee.WandellDenenbergMoved to Budget CommitteeX
4-18-22Requesting permission to place a plaque honoring Norma Day, Library Director.VowellIsbelX
3-21-22To approve appointment of James Newlan to the Beer Board term expiring 9/24McKameyYagerX
3-21-22To approve appointment of David C. Bellis and Mark C. Skove to the Board of Zoning Appeals with terms expiring 9/27.WaddellDenenbergX
3-21-22To leave the Bull Run voting precinct at Bull Run at no charge/no cost. Wandell amended his motion to respectfully request the Election Commission to re-visit keeping the Bull Run precinct where it is.WandellFrittsX
3-21-22To approve to add Mr. John Croes to fill the unexpired term of retiring member Earl Cagle to the Conservation Board. Term expires 12/22.MeredithDenenbergX
3-21-22To add the County Road List to the agenda and approve to enter the list into the minutes.McKameyWandellX
3-21-22To approve Village Way Road as a county road and add to the county road list.McKAmeyWandellX
3-21-22To move forward with the law suit. Commissioner McKamey amended to approve subject to the County Law Director getting an engagement letter with the same as we had in the previous law suit.DenenbergMeadX
3-21-22To approve Resolution 22-3-919 authorizing volunteer inmate labor to be utilized to provide maintenance for historic cemeteries.McKameyWandellX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-03-918 amending Resolution No. 09-321 to allow the National Wild Turkey Federation to sanction and host a limited veteran and youth turkey hunt on the Blockhouse Valley former landfill site.SmallridgeDenenbergX
3-21-22To approve a letter of consent to place a historical marker on the Poor Farm.WandellMcKameyX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-03-920 opposing SB 2077 and HB 2246.DenenbergFrittsX
3-21-22Moved to call a question.YagerWaddellX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-03-921 honoring the citizens of Ukraine.YagerIsbelX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-3-922 in support and endorsing retail development in Rocky Top.McKameyVowellX
3-21-22To approve to re-approach Resolution No. 21-07-876 requesting federal and state assistance for the remediation and cleanuo of the former American Nuclear Site.YagerIsbelX
3-21-22To have a response back within 90 days.YagerIsbelX
3-21-22To approve sending a letter inviting Congressman Fleischmann to come to an Intergovernmental Committee meeting.YagerIsbelX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-03-915 to establish program fees for activities and optional Senior Center programs.YagerMcKameyX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-03-916 authorizing the county Mayor to make application to the East Tennessee Human Resource Agency and area Agency on Aging and Disability to deliver Senior Center services and Title IIID services under the Older Americans Act.YagerMcKameyX
3-21-22To approve Resolution No. 22-03-917 to support a partnership for a contract between the State of Tennessee Department of Health and Anderson County Department of Health to establish an employee support program.McKameyMeredithX
3-21-22To approve for the Mayor to negotiate with Comcast.YagerMcKameyX
3-21-22To go into Executive Session.YagerWaddellX
3-21-22Executive Session-To pay the full judgement ammount as discussed plus interest on the County case.MeadMcKameyX
3-21-22Executive Session-To authorize the County Mayor and the Law Director pursue recovery of any amounts we've had to pay.McKameyDenenbergX
2-22-22To approve reappointment ofth following members to the Health and Educational Facilities Board of Anderson County with terms expiring November 2026. Leslie P. Sellers, Edward E. Coker and Joseph F. Rainey, DDSMeredithIsbelX
2-22-22To approve the dedication Deed to build the road in Arcadian Springs and authorization for the Mayor, Chairman Anderson and Road Superintendent, Gary Long to sign deed ans Finance Director, Robbie Holbrook to issue a $10.00 check.WaddellDenenbergX
2-22-22To approve Resolution No. 22-02-912 to allow a limited veteran and youth turkey hunt on the Blockhouse Valley former landfill site and to adoptrestrictions and procedures for permits related thereto.McKameyWandellX
2-22-22To approve Resolution No. 22-02-913 approving the adoption of the Tennessee Department of Transportation local version of TDOT consultant selection policy (form 1-2) relative to the consultant selelction policy for projects funded in whole or part with funds provided by the Federal Highway Administration or the Tennessee Department of Transportation.YagerIsbelX
2-22-22Expressing Anderson County Government recognition of the importance of critical broadband infrastructure in facilitating telemedicine, distance learning and telecommution; and recognition that reliable, affordible broadband service is necessary; and therefore, resolving that Anderson COunty supports Highland Communications Broadband Grant application to the State of Tennessee in order to serve our citizens and lay a foundation for recovery.McKameyWandellX
2-22-22To authorize a $250,000 match to any providser awarded a grant in Anderson County from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund-American Rescue Plan program contingent upon Law Director and Finance Department approval for compliance.IsbelVowellX
2-22-22To ask the Mayor work with the schools to see if the Sea Cadets could use one of the schools for their meetings.McKameyIsbelX
2-22-22To approve Resolution 22-01-910 giving written approval to the Industrial Development Board of the City of Oak Ridge to negotiate and accept payments in lieu of advalorem tax with respect to a certain project in Anderson County, Tennessee identified as "Oak Ridge Mainstreet".YagerJamesonX
2-22-22To allow Tourism Director, Stephanie Wells to move forward with the appraisel on the Visitor Center Facility.WandellScottX
2-22-22To have the Law Director draft a letter to the Safety Committee and Legislators in support of ROHVA (HB2041/SB2083). McKameyIsbelX
2-22-22To approve to extend the emergency sick leave (ESL) from March 1 - June 30th for full and regular part-time employees receiving a positive COVID-19 test and update the required documentation form.McKameyScottX
2-22-22To authorize the unstallation of historic courthouse signs contingent upon finalization of the wording on the signs.WandellScottX
2-22-22To accept the City of Clinton's offer to acquire property from Anderson County and authorize the Mayor to execute associated paperwork.McKameyWandellX
1-18-22To approve Resolution 22-01-908 rezoning the property at the intersection of Lake City Highway and Longmire Road, Clinton, Parcel 095.00, Tax Map 065, from C-1 General Commercial District to R-1-S Residential District.IsbelMeredithX
1-18-22To accept the Highway Department Inventory List of July 10, 2021.WandellFrittsX
1-18-22To refer the Fire Truck Resolution to a workshop, Finance and Budget Committees.McKameyVowellX
1-18-22To approve the Mayor has reviewed with the County Commission the county's Debt Management Policy that is currently on file with the Comptroller of the Treasury Office.YagerJamesonX
1-18-22To approve the County Mayor and County Comission acknowledge that an annual cash flow forecast must be prepared and submited to the Comptroller prior to issuance of debt.YagerMeredithX
1-18-22To approve that County Mayor and County Commission acknowledge that all county offices are required to have documented system of internal controls.DenenbergSmallridgeX
1-18-22For the Mayor to get feed back from the Lieutenant Governor, State Representatives John Reagan and Dennis Powers regarding the Private Act for the nonpartisan election for Commissioners and Constables that was sent in.WandellDenenbergX
1-18-22To approve Resolution 22-01-910 giving written approval to the Industrial Development Board of the City of Oak Ridge to negotiate and accept payments in lieu of advalorem tax with respect to a certain project in Anderson County, Tennessee identified as "Oak Ridge Mainstreet".YagerJamesonX
1-18-22To approve Resolution 22-01-911 supporting the Rocky Top Adventure Tourism District created in 2014 declaring the county's intent to continue to participate in the Tennessee Adventure Tourism and RuralYagerSmallridgeX
1-18-22To approve Resolution 22-01-909 updating and amending the Anderson County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.JamesonMcKameyX
1-18-22To approve to extend the emergency sick leave for COVID-19 through the end of March.McKameyDenenbergX

2021 and 2020 Motions

Date of MeetingOrder #MotionMaker of MotionSecondRefer to a CommitteePassedFailedCompleteNotes/ Comments
12/20/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.YagerWandellX
12/20/20212To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.IsbelYagerX
12/20/20213To approve the Anderson County Park campground rate increase, effective January 1, 2022 for short-term rentals at Anderson County Park as follows: RV sites, $30 per day, tent sites $20, per day; and, effective April 1, 2022 for long term sites $350, and to charge applicable taxes and fees on top of the new rates.YagerMcKameyX
12/20/20214To approve the UT Extension Office request for permission to begin the process that would allow for the possibility of hiring an additional agent through the Tennessee State University program.JamesonMcKameyX
12/20/20215 aTo approve State Shared Sports Gaming Privilege Tax revenues to be utilized by the Conservation Board for the funding of conservation projects including infrastructure projects, transportation, road projects and public buildings, with the county legislative body to determine the county's infrastructure priorities.YagerMeadX
12/20/20215 b Per recommendation of the Finance Committee, to approve the Charitable Donation Policy.YagerSmallridgeX
12/20/20216To annually dedicate 20-percent of the General Fund 101 Unassigned Fund Balance's rollover funds at the end of the fiscal year for capital needs.McKameyMeadX
12/20/20217To approve the appointment of Mr. Patrick Berge as the City of Oak Ridge representative to the Anderson County Regional Solid Waste Board to fill a vacancy with the term ending 12/2023.McKameyYagerX
12/20/20218To extend the Anderson County EMS Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 Treatment Program to January 31, 2022 for Anderson County residents.McKameyDenenbergX
12/20/20219To extend the eligibility to Anderson County employees to receive the Anderson County EMS Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 Treatment subject to the same monoclonal medical requirements and policies currently in place.MeadDenenbergX
12/20/202110To refer the Fire Truck Resolution 21-12-901 to the Operations and Budget Committes for consideration.McKameyIsbelX
12/20/202111To ask the Law Director to draft a second letter to the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the American Nuclear site and asking for the agency to clean it up, and also address the letters to our state legislators and Congressman Fleischmann.WandellDenenbergX
12/20/202112To appoint Commissioner Yager and Mayor Frank to represent Anderson County in the Tennessee School Funding meetings/discussions.WandellMcKameyX
12/20/202113For the Sea Cadets to relocate their drill activities from the Senion Center to the old DARC building.YagerWandellX
12/20/202114To approve Leo York's nomination for a Tennessee Historical Commission Certificate of Merit.WandellIsbelX
12/20/202115To approve resolution 21-12-907 establishing the 2022 meeting dates and times for the Anderson County Board of Commissioners. SmallridgeMcKameyX
11/15/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as amended.WandellMeadX
11/15/20212To approve the Regular Agenda as presented.WandellMeredithX
11/15/20213To approve rezoning of property located at the intersection of Foust Carney Rd. and Old Edgemoor Rd. Parcel 2.0 Tax Map 96J Group D from C-1 to R-1. Also an amendment to the zoning resolutionregarding development standards for recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds.WhiteMeredithX
11/15/20214To approve the change to policy language concerning 120-day contracts found in section 6.10 Retirement Plan in the Employee Handbook.MeredithMeadX
11/15/20215To approve the Voting Leave Police revision.MeadScottX
11/15/20216To approve the porposed update to the Emergency Action Plan.DenenbergScottX
11/15/20217To approve the Railroad Agreement contingent upon the Law Director and Road Superintendent's review.IsbelJamesonX
11/15/20218To approve the appointment of Mr. Ernie Gonzales to the Anderson County Regional Planning Commission to fill a vacancy with the term expiring 1/22.IsbelYagerX
11/15/20219To approve Resolution No. 21-11-902 authorizing Anderson County to join the State of Tennessee and other local governments as participants in the Tennessee State-Subdivision Opioid Agreement and approving the related settlement agreements.WandellMeadX
11/15/202110To approve the Fireworks Private Acts Ratification.MeadIsbelX
11/15/202111To approve the resolution extending Anderson County's COVID-19 sick leave policy from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.YagerWandellX
11/15/202112To approve the Opioid Abatement Settlement Resolution.YagerScottX
11/15/202113To have the Law Director write a resolution for the General Assembly to reduce the fee for the State funding that goes for distributing sales tax.MeadDenenbergX
11/15/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.McKameySmallridgeX
10/18/20212To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.McKameyYagerX
10/18/20213To approve the rezoning of 466 Marlow Circle, Parcel 058.00 Tax Map 087.McKameyScottX
10/18/20214 To provide full support to Judge Layton and General Clark in the efforts for them to create a Misdemeanor Court.ScottMeredithX
10/18/20215To approve the construction of additional classrooms at Norris Middle School.McKameyIsbelX
10/18/20216To approve the reappointment of George Horton to the Anderson County Water Authority term ending 9.25.IsbelVowellX
10/18/20217To approve the designation of Dr. Richie Noe as Chairman of the ACCSB and request this appointment be entered into the minutes.IsbelWandellX
10/18/20218To approve the proclamation honoring Jim Dodson for the Bill Wilcox Bow Tie Award.WandellIsbelX
10/18/20219To approve procedure of rule 60.02.DenenbergMeadX
10/18/202110To approve the Highway Department Superintendent's modification of Personnel Policy and Procedure to be included into the minutes.WaddellDenenbergX
10/18/202111To approve to pass the Private Act Resolution No. 21-10-898.WandellDenenbergX
10/18/202112To have a special called meeting if necessary on November 1, 2021 at 5:30 pm to discuss the Private Act.FrittsMeadX
10/18/202113To approve Resolution No. 21-10-895 to oppose the Federally Proposed Vaccine Mandate as amended to include Anderson County Employees.MeadIsbelX
10/18/202114To approve Resolution No. 21-10-893, The Anderson County Redistricting 9-30-21 Plan.WandellMcKameyX
10/18/202115To approve Resolution No. 21-10-896 To Authorize the Mayor to Execute Opioid Settlement Documents.McKameyWandellX
10/18/202116To approve Resolution No. 21-10-897 for the Anderson County Republican and Democratic Parties to rescind the primary elections to not include the commission and school board members to come in partisan races.WandellDenenbergX
10/18/202117To approve Mayor Frank and Commissioner Wandell to be representatives for the Energy Committee Alliance.McKameyWandellX
10/18/202118To approve to combine Norris and Rocky Top Dispatch with Anderson County Dispatch.WandellIsbelX
10/18/202119To allow the Mayor to contact TVA to get some property to place a monument on the Poor Farm.WandellDenenbergX
9/20/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.WandellWaddellX
9/20/20212To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.YagerScottX
9/20/20213To rezone the property located at 2520 East Wolf Valley Rd. Parcel 067:01 Tax Map 089, from C-1 to I-1.YagerWandellX
9/20/20214To oppose the rezoning of property at 239 Buffalo Rd. Parcel 133:01 Tax Map 043, from A-2 to A-1.WaddellScottX
9/20/20215To nominate Commissioner Joshua Andersonfor Chairman of County Commission.
9/20/20215 bCommissioner Wandell made a motion to cease nominations. YagerWandellX
9/20/20216To nominate Commissioner Vowell for Vice-Chairman.McKameySmallridgeX
9/20/20217To approve the reappoints of William Stevenson, Edward Coker and Donald Whitaker to the Industrial Development Board, terms expiring 11/2026.MeredithWandellX
9/20/20218To approve the Holiday Bureau using a room to be selected in the DARC building.MeredithScottX
9/20/20219To defer the $350,000.00 for voting machines back to the Budget Committee.WandellScottX
9/20/202110To approve the $450,000.00 for the Sheriff's Department.McKameyMeredithX
9/20/202111To approve the Anderson County Debt Management Policy.MeredithYagerX
9/20/202112To approve the early payoff of General Obligation Capital Outlay Notes, Series 2017A and TMBF Laon, Series 2006 (Jail) bonds totaling $1,170,000.00 utilizing restricted debt service funds.WandellIsbelX
9/20/202113To approve the Motor Vehicle Lease and Release Agreement for Andersonville Fire Department.McKameyWandellX
9/20/202114To approve the Agreement to Disburse Future Insurance Proceeds for Anderson County Volunteer Fire Department, Marlow Unit.WandellVowellX
9/20/202115To approve the MNK Bankruptcy Settlement.McKameyJamesonX
9/20/202116To approve Resolution No. 21-9-890 to allow a limited deer hunt on the Blockhouse Valley Former Landfill Site and to adopt restrictions and procedured for permits related thereto including the license to hunt.ScottMcKameyX
9/20/202117To approve the Rescue Squad Motor Vehicle Lease from the Sheriff's Department a 2011 Ford Crown Vic.WandellSmallridgeX
9/20/202118To approve to provide additional Emergency Sick Leave hours related to COVID-19 effective July 15, 2021 through September 30, 2021.WandellScottX
9/20/202119To approve the confirmation of Ms, Marjorie Pressley as Building Commissioner for Anderson County.MeredithMcKameyX
9/20/202120That the Mayor look into the salary increase for the new Building Commissioner and report back to this commission.WandellDenenbergX
9/20/202121To approve Resolution No. 21-09-887 to allow the Anderson County Office of Planning and Development to accept credit and debit cards as a payment option.ScottJamesonX
9/20/202122To allow the EMS Department to operate a Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Treatment Site at the Senior Center Parking lot.WandellMcKameyX
9/20/202123To approve the Publid Records Policy as is with no changes and give Chairman Anderson the authority to sign.WandellMeredithX
9/20/202124That where the County also has the Insurance Policy and payment is doubled the Fire Department will get that money alsoMcKameyWandellX
9/20/202125To send the letter to TVA respectfully allow to move the playground, ballparks and Community Center an EMS building and Fire Hall to Site J on the corner of New Henderson.
9/20/202125 bCommissioner Isbel amended to include the letter from ADA Committee.IsbelMcKameyX
9/20/202126To allow $10,000.00 to address the needs the IT Infrastructure has for emergency purchase out of Undesignated Funds.WandellMcKameyX
9/20/202127To approve to reinstate Chairman Anderson to the Beer Board term expiring 9/24.ScottMeadX
9/20/202128To approve Lisa Smith to the Civil Service Board, Michael Wagoner to the Veterans Service Advisory Board, and approve the Commission Committees, Boards, Comittees and Commissions as presented.McKameyScottX
9/20/202129That we provide a counter offer for the Smith case for $300,000.00.WandellWaddellX
8/15/20211To approvd the Consent Agenda as presented.YagerDenenbergX
8/15/20212To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.McKameyYagerX
8/15/20213To decline Resolution No. 21-08-880 rezoning 686 Mountain Rd. Parcel 016.00 Tax Map 055, and Resolution No. 21-08-881 rezoning property located at Mountain Rd. Parcel 038.00 Tax Map 055.WhiteWaddellX
8/15/20214To add and to approve the ASAP Proclamation No. 21-08-888 for Sucicde Prevention Awareness MonthSeptember 2021.MeredithWandellX
8/15/20215To approve Resolution No. 21-08-886 authorizing Anderson County to apply for and match the 2021-2022 TDOT Multimodal Access Grant.JamesonMcKameyX
8/15/20216To add signature lines of the Mayor, Chairman of County Commission and the Clerk to the Storm Water Management and Pollution Control Resolution of Anderson County and authorize those three to execute the resolution.MeredithSmallridgeX
8/15/20217To approve Resolution No, 21-08-885 asking Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Tennessee Department of Health to test soils on Claxton Park property leased from TVA.WandellFrittsX
8/15/20218To approve Resolution No. 21-08-883 authorizing the County Mayor to enter into a Payment-In-Lieu-Of Tax Agreement with the Department of Energy.McKameySmallridgeX
8/15/20219To approve Resolution No. 20884 for Acceptance of the Proposal fo the Tennessee Depart of Transportation to construct a Project Designated as Federal Project No. BR-STP-9 (111), State Project No. 01003-2246-94 Described as Bridge over Bull Run Creek, LM 16.10, Route SR-9.WandellYagerX
8/15/202110To alow the Mayor to investigate a process to improve the right of ways on Clinton Highway from the Knox County Line to Edgemoor Road.WandellScottX
8/15/202111That the July 5th day on the Holiday schedule be pushed back to the Juneteenth Federal Holiday and to give employees December 23rd as a floating day and not close the Courthouse.ScottWandellX
8/15/202112That the Non-Profit Committee re-form in September.YagerMcKameyX
8/15/202113To respectfully request TVA consider moving the ballparks, playground and Optimist Club to the property on New Henderson known as Site J and additionally request a a Volunteer Fire Department building and EMS building.WandellMeredithX
8/15/202113bCommissioner Wandell amended his motion to add the items the Mayor requested and the information from Mr. Joe Lochamy to the minutes.
8/15/202114That if we get the Census and redistricting information at the first of September it will be taken up at the Operations meeting but reserve Thursdays at 6:00 pm beginningthe third week of September thru October.IsbelMcKameyX
7/19/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.WaddellYagerX
7/19/20212To approve the Regular Agenda.WaddellWandell
7/19/20213To add the William Jolley Estate gift to the Norris Library and the EPA letter to items G & H under the Law Director's report.Yager
7/19/20214To add to allow the Mayor to write a letter to TDOT to place no truck signs at Old Batley Road and at Norris Freeway Glen Alpine Convenience Center to the agenda under the Mayor's report.WaddellDenenbergX
7/19/20215To approve Regular Agenda as amended.YagerX
7/19/20216To approve rezoning the property at the intersection of Foust Carney Road and Old Edgemoor Lane, Clinton, TN to residential and not to any specific use.MeadSmallridgeX
7/19/20217To approve to bring the construction entrance to Arcadian Springs up to County standards and bring into the County road system.WaddellYagerX
7/19/20218To accept Wood Cutters Crossing into the County road system.McKameyYagerX
7/19/20219To accept the 20 mph speed limit on Miller Hollow Lane and Henderson Bend S/D road.JamesonIsbelX
7/19/202110To approve to release responsibility for the 2019 property taxes for $40,385.22.McKameyMeredithX
7/19/202111To accept the report of the delinquent taxes turned over to the Clerk and Master for $803,235.97.McKameyMeredithX
7/19/202112To send the Sports Gaming Privilege Tax back to Finance and reevaluate for the funds to be used for infrastructure specifically for the Volunteer Fire Departments in Anderson County,WandellMeadX
7/19/202113To approve the $7,500.00 donation to the American Legion for the roof project.DenenbergMcKameyX
7/19/202114Approval of motion acknowledging that the county mayor has reviewed with the county commission the county's debt management policy that is currently on file with the Comptroller of the Treasury Office.MeredithMcKameyX
7/19/202115Approval of motion that the county mayor and county commission acknowledge that an annual cash flow must be prepared and submitted to the Comptroller prior to issuance of debt.McKameyYagerX
7/19/202116Approval of motion that county mayor and county commission acknowledge that all county offices are required to have documented system of internal controls.MeredithJamesonX
7/19/202117To allow the Mayor to write a letter to TDOT requesting no truck signs at Old Batley Road and 441 at Glen Alpine Convenience Center to keep semi trucks from traveling on thes roads.McKameyWandellX
7/19/202118To go ahead and send the film recruitment to Tourism.IsbelWandellX
7/19/202119To ratify the Purdue Bankruptcy Settlement.DenenbergMcKameyX
7/19/202120To approve the American Nuclear Resolution.McKameyDenenbergX
7/19/202121To approve the ASAP Lease Agreement.ScottDenenbergX
7/19/202122To approve the letter ro TDEC Commissioner regarding Bull Run Remediation Plans.DenenbergYagerX
7/19/202123To approve to give Chairman Anderson the authority to sign all documents related to the Estate of William Warren Jolley.WaddellYagerX
7/19/202124To approve to send the American Nuclear letter to the Environmental Protection Agency upon the approval and review of the Mayor and the Law Director.WandellDenenbergX
7/19/202125To go into executive session after Operations.DenenbergScottX
7/19/202126To authorize the Mayor to submit a letter for a Multi-Modal Grant.WandellScottX
7/19/202127To accept the concept designs for the witness rooms and lobby space and reconfiguration of Archives and Records and allow the Mayor to get a RFP to start the proess.YagerScottX
7/19/202128In support of the East Wolf Valley Convenience Center zoning change to industrial.YagerScottX
7/19/202129To allow hiring outside counsel for Dr. Parrott, Mia Bounds and any of the Ethics Committee members.McKameyMeadX
7/7/20211To approve the 2021/2022 F/Y Budget as presented.FrittsMeredithX
7/7/20212To approve resolution 21-06-873 fixing the tax levy in Anderson County, TN for the F/Y July 1,2021.McKameyFrittsX
7/7/20213To approve resolution 21-06-874 making appropriations for the various funds, departments, institutions. Offices and agencies of Anderson County, TN for the year beginning July 1, 2021 and ending June 30,2022.YagerMcKameyX
6/21/20211To approve the consent agenda as presented.WandellYagerX
6/21/20212To approve the Regular Agenda.Yager
6/21/20213To amend to move the Charter Commission appointment from under Law Director's report to item 5b under the Public Hearing,Isbel
6/21/20214To add under the Purchasing Report a lease agreement for the County Clerk's Office.Isbel
6/21/20215To add 7 additionsl budget items under the Budget Report.Yagerpassed as amended
6/21/20216To approve all three rezoning's as presented. Which included parcel 13.01 tax map 103 from A-2 to C-1, parcel 3.0 tax map 99 from R-1 to C-1 and parcel 2.0 tax map 96J group D from C-1 to R-1.IsbelVowell
6/21/20217To pull out the rezoning at the intersection of Foust Carney Rd and Old Edgemoor Lane, Clinton.YagerCreaseyX
6/21/20217 bVoting to approve the remaining two rezonings: Fifteen, Voting No: ScottX
6/21/20218To refer the property at Foust Carney Rd and Old Edgemoor Lane parcel 2.0 tax map 96J group D back to the Planning Commision.WandellYagerWandell w/d his motion
6/21/20219To delay this property for 30 days and give the owner the opportunity to come forward and disclose the intentions of this property.FrittsMeadX
6/21/202110To appoint Sabra Beauchamp to the Charter Commission to fill the open vacancy in District 7.IsbelWaddell
6/21/202111For nominations to cease and that Sabra Beauchamp be elected by acclamation.McKameyMeredithX
6/21/202112To approve the recommendation to contribute $75,000.00 from the county to address the funding gap for construction of a new Briceville fire station. This contribution to be reimbursed by the Briceville Volunteer Fire Department by $5,000.00 annually from the county's current annual contribution to the Briceville Fire Department.FrittsX
6/21/202113That the Sports Gaming Privilege Tax be referred to the Finance Committee to be discussed to be used by our Volunteer Fire Departments.WandellIsbelX
6/21/202114To approve the contract with the Civil Engineer for Pine Meadows Subdivision Preliminary Assessment for no more than $9,000.00.YagerMcKameyX
6/21/202115To forward to our Planning Commission to request that they develop a protocol for short time rental properties.WandellDenenbergX
6/21/202116To approve a TVA License Agreement to erect a gate on the Historic Black Family Cemetary on Old Blacksferry Road.DenenbergMeadX
6/21/202117To approve a lease agreement for Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention from the Anderson County School Board.ScottYagerX
6/21/202118To allow the Charter Commission to hire outside counsel.FrittsSmallridgeX
6/21/202119To approve resolution 21-06-876 requesting Federal and State assistance for the remediation and clean-up of the former American Nuclear Site.IsbelWandellX
6/21/202120To ratify the Private Act pertaining to the sales of fireworks.McKameyIsbel
6/21/202120 bTo defer this for 30 days and send to Operations Committee to work out all the details.FrittsYagerX
6/21/202121To have an executive session at the end of this meeting.FrittsIsbelX
6/21/202122To put up $7,500.00 for the American Legion of OliverSprings to get a new roof subject to Oliver Springs, Roan County and Morgan County assisting.WandellMeadX
6/21/202123To refer to the Budget Committee the $7,500.00 donation to the American Legion of Oliver Springs.McKameyVowellX
6/21/202124That the Law Director draaft a letter to the South East Region EPA Office Region 4 in Atlanta and for him to make a request in behalf of Anderson County to get their assistance with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act subtitled Chapter C & D and to have them come to our County and help us with our State and DOE waste items that have been setting way to long.WandellScottX
6/21/202125To approve the settlement for file number LD1701026804(3-17-CV-169) as presented in the Executive Session.MeadScottX
5/17/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.FrittsX
5/17/20212To approve the Regular Agenda.YagerMcKameyX
5/17/20213To discuss NETRA (North East Tennessee Rail Authority) under the Mayor's report.X
5/17/20214To have Director Charles Turner of Anderson County Health Department give us an update on COVID.DenenbergIsbelX
5/17/20215That the County set aside $50,000.00 as seed money for the initial funding of a pilot work force develop program with the McNabb Center for AC residents.VowellMcKameyX
5/17/20216To approve resolution 21-05-868 recognizing May 16-22, 2021 as National EMS week and thanking the Anderson County Emergency Medical Services team for their perseverance and commitment to the citizens of AC.MeredithWandellX
5/17/20217To give the Mayor authorization to file a petition to reopen or revoke the abandonment of the 6 miles of railroad line in the Beach Fork area that touches Anderson and Campbell County.VowellMcKameyX
5/17/20218For the Law Director to proceed with posting the vacancy for Charter Commission District 7.FrittsWandellX
5/17/20219To approve resolution 21-05-866 to allow the AC Dental Health Program to accept credit cards as a payment.MeadYagerX
5/17/202110To approve the lease agreement for the Barker property for one year with the option to extend for one month intervals.McKameyYagerX
5/17/202111To approve resolution 21-05-867 to allow the AC Emergency Medical Services to accept credit cards as a payment option.WandellFrittsX
5/17/202112For the Mayor to pursue whether or not it is possible for the State of Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to rent a vacant portion of DARC and other options.WandellMcKameyX
5/17/202113To send a resolution to the State Legislature to mova a portion of District 36 back to District 33 for those residents to have better representation.DenenbergWaddellX
5/17/202114That the Chairman of the Operations Committee along with County Commission Chairman Anderson appoint a sub-committee to include Commissioner Vowell and Circuit Court Clerk Rex Lynch to look at building a Justice Center.McKameyDenenbergX
5/17/202115To develop a resolution or a letter with the Law Director to present to TVA to put a gate up at the entrance to Old Blacksferry Road and put in a drain tile to fix the entrance there.WandellDenenbergX
4/19/20211To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.YagerIsbelX
4/19/20212To approve the Regular Agenda.IsbelX
4/19/20213To add under Operations Committee some discussion from the Circuit Court Clerk Rex Lynch.IsbelX
4/19/20214To add onto the Budget Committee an item for the Senior Center.MeadX
4/19/20215To add under Old Business an update on the Private Act for fireworks.MeadX
4/19/20216To add under New Business the discussion about Oliver Springs American Legion.CreaseyX
4/19/20217To approve the reappointment of Scott Burton to the AC Conservation Board with term expiring 12/25WandellIsbelX
4/19/20218To approve the amendment to Anderson County's "Grant Contract-Aging Services" with term ending 6/30/21.VowellMcKamey X
4/19/20219To approve the amendments to the athletic field lease with the City of Clinton and soccer field lease.DenenbergMeadX
4/19/202110To defer to the Intergovernmental Committee the discussion of Blockhouse Valley Property.WaddellYagerX
4/19/202111To approve resolution 21-04-863 amending resolution 20-44-827 to establish the Circuit Court Clerk as the centralized provider of local criminal background check services.WaddellYagerX
4/19/202112To add Mark Stephens as ex-officio to the Redistricting Committee.YagerSmallridgeX
4/19/202113To add Billy Brown as GSI Coordinator for the Redistricting Committee.WandellMcKameyX
4/19/202114To approve that we participate in the Federal District Court's process of service by email program.ScottMcKameyX
4/19/202115To approve the Cadets installing a drink and snack vending machine downstairs in the Jolly Building garage.ScottWandellX
4/19/202116To approve the Family Justice Center MOU.WandellScottX
4/19/202117To approve resolution 21-04-860 to amend and consolidate the fees charged for the holding and adoption of animals, reclaim of animals, and amimals owner-surrendered to the AC Animal Shelter into one fee schedule.ScottYager X
4/19/202118To approve resolution 21-04-861 to allow the AC Animal Care & Control Department to accept credit cards as a payment option.ScottYager
4/19/202119To approve resolution 21-04-862 authorizing the County Mayor and the Solid Waste Department to implement a Community Adopt-A-Road Program to help combat litter in Anderson County.ScottDenenbergX
4/19/202120That we get flags installed at both entrances and the middle of the median if possible the United States Flag based on the request of the Veteran's Committee.WandellScottX
4/19/202121That we make a sub-committee through the Operations Committee to start looking into and discussing the possibility of needing a Magistrate in the future.WaddellIsbelX
4/19/202122To have a work session to discuss moneys expected from Federal Government.MeadYagerX
4/19/202123To forward to the Operations Committee the discussion of possibly helping the American Legion of Oliver Springs with some fund raising to help with purchasing a new roof for them.CreaseyDenenbergX
3/15/20211To approve the Consent AgendaFrittsYagerX
3/15/20212To add to the Law Director's report as item C the amended Private Act pertaining to fireworks.Mead
3/15/20213To add under Law Director's report as item D to rescind a resolution.Yager
3/15/20214To add to the agenda under New Business the proposed changes to Handgun Carry Permits.Smallridge
3/15/20215To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.McKameyFrittsX
3/15/20216To approve the rezoning parcel 115.06 Anderson County tax map 54 from A-2 (Rural-Residential District) to C-1 (General Commercial District).McKameyYagerX
3/15/20217To approve Resolution21-03-851 requesting the Tennessee General Assembly to introduce, sponsor and adopt legislation to amend Chapter 291 of the Private Acts of 1947 relative to pyrotechnic prohibitions and adopt new legislation allowing sale, use, display, storage, manufacturing and possession by personsm firms, companies, not-for-profits including Volunteer Fire Departments and corporations during designated period of time.MeadIsbelX
3/15/20218To approve resolution 2021-01-859 rescinding resolution number 2021-01-846 and respectfully requesting the Tennessee General Assembly to withdraw and reject Senate Bill 1193 and House Bill 1223 as both pertain to the composition of the Powell-Clinch Board of Commissioners.MeredithWandellX
3/15/20219To approve the resolution in support of the Drug Dealer Liability Lawsuit.MeadYagerX
3/15/202110To approve the retainer agreement between Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings PLLC and Dave Clark, District Attorney for the 7th Judicial District pertaining to the opioid crisis in Tennessee.DenenbergYagerX
3/15/202111To approve resolution 21-03-865 to establish and implement an updated Occupational Safety and Health ProgramPlan, devise rules and regulations, and to provide for a Safety Director.MeadJamesonX
3/15/202112That the Mayor formally request that TDOT to include lighting in the SR170 widening project.MeadYagerX
3/15/202113To provide a letter or resolution in support of SB0152/HB0174 litter cleanup in our state.YagerWandellX
3/15/202114To approve resolution 21-03-857 supporting the City of Oak Ridge in opposition to moving HEU Conversion & Purification to Erwin, TN.DenenbergWandellX
3/15/202115To approve the appointment of Tommy Mariner to the Anderson County Library Board.IsbelJamesonX
2/16/20211To add to accept the Hioghway Department's inventory and to add that on the Consent Agenda under Committee Reports.Waddell
2/16/20212to move the Waste Management Funds from Consent Agenda to Regular Agenda under new business.Mead
2/16/20213Robby Holbrook, Interim Finance Director requested to move the Audit Committee Minutes off of Consent Agenda and on to Regular Agenda after the Budget Report.
2/16/20214To approve the Consent Agenda as amended.YagerMcKameyX
2/16/20215To add to the Regular Agenda under Old Business the IDB Committee Report.Denenberg
2/16/20216To add the Legislative Committee report on Regular Agenda under committee reports.Mead
2/16/20217To add under New Business the discussion of the proposal of moving a part of the uranium removal process from Oak Ridge.Creasey
2/16/20218To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.YagerWandellX
2/16/20219To accept the Audit Report and the corrective action plans for 2020 Fiscal Year Audit Findings 2020-02 and 2020-03.MeadMeredithX
2/16/202110To approve Resolution 21-02-849 authorizing the County Mayor to apply for a VOCA Access to Services Grant through theTN Office of Criminal Justice Programs.MeredithJamesonX
2/16/202111To approve that the Law Director help Commissioner Denenberg with a special project to exhume Hade Black's wife from a Knox County's Pauper's Grave and reunite her with her husband here in Anderson County.FrittsMeredithX
2/16/202112To approve Resolution 21-02-848 seeking assistance from the State of Tennessee for the purpose of renovation to adequately operate the AC Office on Aging and Senior Center.YagerJamesonX
2/16/202113To approve Resolution 21-02-850 asking our State and Federal Officials to provide Anderson County's Rural Volunteer Fire Departments and Rescue Squad with financial assistance to relieve the strain caused fy the COVID-19 Pandemic.JamesonScottX
2/16/202114That the Operations Committee be the Redistricting Committee for 2020 Census.ScottMeadX
2/16/202115That the discussion of the possibility of part of the uranium removal process that's in Oak Ridge currently being moved possibly to Irwin TN.CreaseyDenenbergX
2/16/202116To distribute his Waste Management Funds to $300.00 for TORCH, $350.00 for AC Sheriff's Cadets Program and the remaining to ORHS Choral Program, and that the other commissioner's would consider giving to these organizations.MeadSmallridgeX
1/19/20211To approve the Consent Agenda.WhiteMead
1/19/20212To move the HR Advisory Board Minutes to the Regular Agenda under item 10.DenenbergX
1/19/20213To add an executive session to the Regular Agenda right before New Business.Yager
1/19/20214To add the Legislative Committee Report to the Regular Agenda under Committee Reports.MeadCreasey
1/19/20215To add the Road Committee under Committee Reports.White
1/19/20216To add discussion about Courthouse Security under New Business.CreaseyWandellX
1/19/20217To approve Resolution 21-01-842 authorizing the County Mayor to enter into a payment in lieu of tax agreement with DOE.MeadYagerX
1/19/20218To extend our emergency sick leave guidelines effective January 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021 at which time it will be reconsidered by the Legislative Body.MeadYagerX
1/19/20219To place the COVID-19 information that relates to the hours of operation for Anderson County testing and the vaccine along with the state information for the vaccine to be given, signed up for and all other pertinent information on Channel 95.ScottSmallridgeX
1/19/202110To approve the HR Advisory Boards recommendation that part-time employees be able to participate in the State of Tennessee's 401K and 457b retirement plans.MeadWhiteX
1/19/202111To approve the HR Advisory Boards recommendation that the HR Department facilitate the time frame around quarantining and return to work unless an individual's department's operation nesessitates a different approach. YagerSmallridgeX
1/19/202112To change the Personnel Policy concerning Personal Protective Equipment.YagerIsbelX
1/19/202113To approve Resolution 2021-01-846 to respectfully request the TN General Assembly to amend TN Lawin order to increase the size of the Powell-Clinch Board of Commissioners from three to five members.IsbelDenenbergX
1/19/202114To take Walking Horse Trail in Arcadia Springs into the county roads.IsbelYagerX
1/19/202115To go into Executive Session.YagerJamesonX
12/20/20201To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.MeadYagerX
12/20/20202To add under the Law Director's report a resolution in opposition to the establishment of a nonresidential drug treatment facility in the city of Cllinton.Meredith
12/20/20203To add under Operations Committee the discussion of closing the courthouse to foot traffic due to the COVID epidemic.Isbel
12/20/20204Mayor asked to add under the Purchasing Report an amendment for an extension on an end date on a grant.
12/20/20205To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.McKameyWandellX
12/20/20206To approve the purchase and sale agreement with Amerigas Propane contingent on correcting to government form.McKameyWandellX
12/20/20207To approve a three year grant for water line improvements with the State of Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.WandellFrittsX
12/20/20208To authorize the County Mayor to request a termination for convenience from the OCJP for the OCJP-JAG Recovery and Resilence Grant that includes a sub-contract addendum with ASAP of Anderson County.FrittsSmallridgeX
12/20/20209To approve and extension on a grant to 5-31-2021 contract #z-19-194742.WandellSmallridgeX
12/20/202010To pass resolution 20-12-841 to express opposition to the establishment of a nonresidential drug treatment facility in the city of Clintonand to support Cllinton City Council resolution 807.MeredithIsbelX
12/20/202011To support the Mayor in calling for a workshop with the TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless and the Trinity Outreach Center of Hope to have a better understanding of their terms of outreach and assistance to see if Anderson County can partner with these organizations.VowellMeadX
12/20/202012To authorize the Mayor to pursue a USDA Community Facilities Loan and Grant Program for the construction, furnishing and equipping of a full-sized Animal Shelter.SmallridgeMcKameyX
12/20/202013To approve to put a portrait of former Commissioner Mark Alderson in the back of the Commission room.MeredithDenenbrgX
12/20/202014To approve the request from the Sea Cadets to have a partnership with the Senior Center and for them to coordinate with the Senior Center. Law Director and Mayor to facilitate moving forward.YagerMeadX
12/20/202015To have the Law Director go through with the background check procedure.ScottYagerX
12/20/202016To close the county buildings to foor traffic and go virtual until the Governor says we can meet in groups of nine or moreScottDenenberg
12/20/202017To defer the discussion of this topic to the next Operations meeting.YagerMeadX
12/20/202018To approve resolution 20-12-837 establishing dates and times for the Anderson County Board of Commissioners for 2021.IsbelMeadX
11/16/20201To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.Yager X
11/16/20202To approve the regular agenda as presented.FrittsMcKameyX
11/16/20203To approve a one-time payment of $1,000.00 for all current full-time county employees excluding school employees with more than six months of empliyment; and to approve a one-time payment of $500.00 for all current full-time county employees excluding school employees with less than six months of employment; and $250.00 for all permanent part-time employees excluding school employees; and also for the county to cover the Medicare, Social Security and Retirement.WandellMcKameyX
11/16/20204To give Robbie permission to make the adjustments to the budget amendments to accommodate the changes that were made to the original motion that came from the budget committee pertaining to the employee one-time payments.MeadMeredithX
11/16/20205That the budget committee review and reconsider the possibility of making these one-time payments a permanent part of employees compensation closer to the end of the current fiscal year. YagerDenenbergX
11/16/20206To approve to surplus a 2003 Chevy Malibu from the Board of Education maintenance.FrittsYagerX
11/16/20207To approve a three year grant for water line improvements with the State of Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.WandellFrittsX
11/16/20208To approve that Matthew Clark be designated as a Certified Archivist and as such under TCA 10-7-401 appoint him as an ex-officio member ot Anderson County's Public Records Commission.YagerWaddellX
11/16/20209To reappoint Bill Riggs as chairman of the Civil Service Board. WandellMcKameyX
11/16/202010To reappoint Chad McNabb to the Community Corrections Board term expiring 9/22.WandellVowellX
11/16/202011To allow ther Law Director to appeal the Carl Clifford Smith v. Anderson County case.McKameyX
11/16/202012To allow General Clark's office and/or department to formally apply for the grant to create a Family Justice Center.ScottMcKameyX
11/16/202013To allow the Mayor, Chairman, Commissioner McKamey and the Law Director to develop the necessary paperwork to proceed with the process to acquire the property onEast Wolf Valley for the Wolf Valley Convenience Center.WandellYagerX
11/16/202014To approve the request from the Sea Cadets to have a partnership with the Senior Center and for them to coordinate with the Senior Center. Law Director and Mayor to facilitate moving forward.YagerMeadX
11/16/202015To have the Law Director go through with the background check procedure.ScottYagerX
11/16/202016To approve moving the election storage from the courthouse rooms 15 & 16 to the DARC rooms 22 & 24, Buildings and Grounds be assigned first floor courthouse toom 16 for storage and second floor vault would then revert back to Archives and County Records storage. ScottYagerX
11/16/202017To approve resolution 20-11-831 to allow a limited deer hunt on the blokhouse valley former landfill site and to adopt restrictions and procedures for permits related thereto.ScottYagerX
11/16/202018To approve resolution 20-11-827 to establish the Circuit Court Clerk as the centralized provider of local Criminal Background Check Services at the $20.00 fee.WaddellMeadX
11/16/202019To approve resolution 20-11-832 strongly urging the public to not grow weary and continue to take precautionary measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19.YagerwaddellX
11/16/202020To forward to the Highway Committee the discussion of heavy commercial traffic on Lovely Bluff and Hillvale Roads.VowellMeadX
10/19/20201To approve the Consent Agenda as presented.MeadFrittsX
10/19/20202To add discussion of the Blockhouse Valley Deer Hunt under the Law Director's Report.Waddell
10/19/20203To add the discussion of the Corona Virus under New Business.Creasey
10/19/20204To approve the Regular Agenda as amended.CreaseyMeadX
10/19/20205To approve a 3% cost of living increase for all full-time county employees excluding school employees retroactive to July 1, 2020.MeadMcKamey
10/19/20206To defer the increase back to the Budget Committee for more discussion.VowellMeredithX
10/19/20207To approve to appoint Tyler Mayes ACSO to the E-911 Board term expiring 1/23.MeadMcKameyX
10/19/20208To authorize the Mayor to submit a letter of intent for a Built Environment Grant at Norwood Elementary School campus per the master plan project.McKameyIsbelX
10/19/20209That the Mayor look into talking to the appropriate parties about the possibility of putting up some lighting at the Clinton Highway/Raccoon Valley/Edgemoor Road and Claxton School intersection.WandellMcKameyX
10/19/202010To approve the presented contract for an online tax sale for one month.FrittsMeadX
10/19/202011To approve that the Law Director work with the Mayor to have the Blockhouse Valley deer hunt just as done in the past with the same procedures.WaddellMcKameyX
10/19/202012To approve Resolution 20-10-826 requesting that the State Officials add meat processing training to the Tennessee College of Applied Technology curriculum.MeadMcKameyX
10/19/202013To officially become a partner/sponsor to the Naval Sea Cadets and provide a space for them.MeadSmallridgeX
10/19/202014For the robotics competition to go to the state leveland to put in some of the commissioners funds to back the project.ScottSmallridgeX
10/19/202015To have the Law Director go through with the background check procedure.ScottYagerX
10/19/202016To approve the 7th Judicial District Drug and Crime Task Force.ScottMcKameyX
10/19/202017 That we support the American Creed document for consideration to give to graduating seniors of Anderson County High Schools and forward to Anderson County School Board for consideration.WandellMeadX